Tuesday, April 19, 2016

of Torches and Rings

Thank goodness for the Year of Jewelry project. I’m feeling less than chatty and like I have no words again this week so it’s Year of Jewelry to the rescue.

Magpie Approved: OUCH
Thank goodness for Lavender Oil

If you follow me on Instagram you saw the burn on my thumb. I was a little careless and lost in thought rather than paying attention to the location of my hand. Ouch. A little lavender oil and my thumb healed up beautifully. 

Since then I’ve noticed my torches flame is flowering. My awesome son cleaned the tip for me but that didn’t completely solve the problem. I switched over to using my butane torch but it has always been hit or miss. (I think it was a bit of a lemon) My son being the wonderful kid he is, went out and bought me a new tip. My husband being the loving man he is, went out and bought me a new butane torch. I was one Happy Camper!

Wind Dancer Studios: Sterling Silver Band

So this weeks post brings to you a simple band of sterling silver. Lightly textured and soldered with the new torch.  And the Kiddo claimed it immediately as payment for the modeling session!! Ha!  I need to steal it back for a few photos to create a made to order listing. She wears it stacked with another ring she purchased and they look beautiful together.

Sterling and Ruby in Fuchsite

I also shared on Instagram a pendant I had made a few weeks back. I dropped it and the cab/bezel popped off. The new small torch went in and tacked it right back in place!! This one has a good solid pin point flame the other one never had. The hubs did really really well!

That's about it for the week!
Thanks for stoppin by!
We'll see ya next week!

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