Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Passion, Fun, and Storms It's All Messy

Thunderstorms woke me up this morning and a headache at the base of my skull kept me up. So I made coffee and took an Advil, then sat and read my e-mail until my neck loosened up enough to release the knot that was causing the headache. In my e-mail was my daily horoscope:  

What Ignites Your Passion
Virgo Daily Horoscope
You could notice that your passion for life may heighten your enthusiasm for your activities today. Your enthusiasm might be the result of your desire to engage fully in your life rather than letting things simply happen to you. Giving your undivided attention to everything you do today can help you infuse all of your activities with greater passion. While working, playing sports, or being with your partner, you might take a moment to stop and breathe. This lets you become aware of the present moment. As your awareness develops you can bring your focus to whatever you are doing or the person you are with and reflect upon what it is about that activity or person that energizes you. Understanding what excites you could ignite an even greater feeling of passion. 

Understanding what excites me, wow, twice in two days. I was just asked what I did for fun. For FUN. I couldn’t think of one darn thing I did for fun. I used to be fun all the time, what the heck happened to me?  I know, some of you might be thinking but you make such pretty things surely you consider that fun? I make to keep my sanity it’s a part of me just like breathing is but I haven’t created anything for the sheer joy of it in a long while, and that’s a shame. In fact I’ve been entirely too serious for at least a year, and I wonder why I’m facing storms in my life.

I used to dance, I used to play softball, I used to windsurf, I used to……..  

My life has become so wrapped up in everything around me I have forgotten me. AGAIN! I swore I wouldn’t do that again, and yet here we are. heavy sigh

So maybe I start dancing again, maybe belly dance. Or maybe I start date night and take advantage of $5 movie night at the theater. Or something else I don’t know the University has a rock climbing wall maybe I’ll learn to play on rocks or climb them, maybe my fingers still have enough strength in them to do that. Maybe I have enough strength in me to find fun and happiness again, just maybe I do. Wasn’t fun on my list of important things to do this year?  On my list or not I guess it’s about time.

Tell me in the comments what do you do for fun?

And hey! Thanks for stopping by!
ah! the storm that woke me up has passed and the sun has come out of hiding.

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