Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 19 Year of Jewelry Project

I made this pendant a few weeks back, posted it as an in progress piece on Instagram and then immediately dropped it and busted it in two pieces. sigh Alan bought a new torch for me a week or so ago and it works a charm! However the heat of the torch did darken the Ruby in Fuchsite a bit. .....Note to self invest in some Jool Cool if you think you might ever need to apply heat to a cab again......

I also make a crown ring using the same bezel wire, it's my second best seller on Amazon right now.  I've also sold several on Etsy.  I'm really starting to enjoy rings and may have to think about a bezel set ring or a saddle ring soon.

Short and sweet this week...... I've rejoined the workforce after 30 plus years of self employment and it seems to take up a lot more time than I remember, or maybe I was just a bit younger and had a lot more energy. 

Be kind to each other!
See ya next week!

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