Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Apologies for my silence.

If you've been reading my poems you pretty much know what has been happening in my life.
No surprise then that my muse has been weeping in the corner - I'm right there with her. It's very hard to create beauty when you have to fight to see it. So my hands sit idle or simply cover the pain that is leaking from my eyes.

My life it seems, is completely falling to pieces. I will get through this eventually. The sun will shine again. And I promise I will find routine again for those things that used to make my heart sing with joy, including this blog.

I've also just received notice from Rebel Mouse they will no longer be offering the free media site. It's a shame really, it was nice to have fresh content for the blog here even when I wasn't able to find words. Didn't want you to wonder what happened to the page here on the blog once it finally disappears.

Work these days is my happy place. I put a smile on my face and fake it until it's real. I think I might have gone insane if not for that place. I am so incredibly grateful for my customers and for you.

Never let the ones you love forget that you do. Hold them tight, whisper sweet words in their ear. Do it every day, don't let someone else do it for you.

Tim next time

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