Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More Poetry and Daggers

As promised, the third poem or stanza - third written but would be the first if it becomes all one. There may be more yet, I thought it was finished but now am not so sure. There may be a dragon to slay yet.

She talked to him into the night
and helped him fight the tears
She fueled his anger and his lust
she made him forget the fears
She handed him a dagger 
 and whispered in his ear
They created a wave of destruction
 smashed his marriage like tiny mirrors
She smiled as she thought she’d won
and began her reign of terror
This nightmare was his error
~~Dana 2016

Speaking of  daggers. Remember that cool little box from Endless Leather  It had some great black cord  and some beautiful sterling cord ends in it. 

You know I’m a member of the Artisan Group  and one of the things we do is supply various costume stylists with accessories they can use on the tv shows or movies they’re working on. I created this dagger piece, largely inspired by the poem and sent it off the stylist for the Originals  tv show on the CW. I’m very hopeful it will get used and you can say you saw it here first!

Black Velvet Choker and Silver Scimitar

So there you have it, what’s been going on in my world. Like I said before, Smoke and Mirrors and ....more swords and daggers! 

Thanks for stopping by!
We’ll see you next time!


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