Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did I Forget to Mention the Key?

Courtney actually sent me a third focal. An antique skeleton key! I loved this key! My younger daughter wanted to steal the key, I had to threaten to throw pillows at her to keep it for myself! But, it just didn't talk to me the way the other two did. With Valentine's just around the corner all I could see was "the Key to my Heart" not much in the way of challenge there. Then I remembered the type writer key clasp - and maybe a little steampunkish thought is brewing here. I may have to start another board - Skeleton keys, jailor's key ring, key to my heart............ Davy Jones Locker...... Pirates!! Oh I need to start this board...........coming Johnny!!

Source: google.com via Dana on Pinterest

the rest of the board :D

Til Next Time!


  1. A steampunk pillow fight with pirates! What fun!!!

  2. Yeah!!!!! :) Or should I say Arrrgh!

  3. LOL oh for a pillow fight with Cptn Jack!! What fun!!

    arggh be right! I'm having a blast with this one too :)