Monday, February 20, 2012

Skeleton Key Sneak Peek

........... taaadaaaa

Got those beads moved and now my pliers are in the way. Maybe I should clean off my desk.........nahhhhh A clean desk makes my muse quiet and I really enjoy our time together, that's why we brought the second desk into the office to begin with!!
I gotta tell you, I really like the way the key is turning out.
Apparently I was on a search and destroy mission the other day, I dunno.... but I lost all my text messages, Pinterest was going haywire and I killed the washing machine o_O yikes! then the monitor on my poor little Mac grew a new line *sad face* so I need to get back to work on backing everything up. Sadly I still have one last folder to sort from when the HD crashed - (luckily the pin in the lid was just loose - tightened back up and the washer lives!! whew!)
Thankfully....I'm almost finished with this piece, ....I just need to do some filing and office stuff before I can get back to it. I think I might still have time to play with those enameled beads or the scarab or maybe the quartz with some filigree......... ideas ideas ideas :)

Be sure to check back in on the 3rd for the reveal!

Til Next Time!


  1. I love the way the skeleton key looks, can hardly wait to see the finished project! Good job on all that multi-tasking during yesterday's o_O's


  2. Thank you Joy! It was one of those days where you're just not sure you should be allowed to touch anything else lol Thank goodness those are few and far between!

  3. PS, check my blog -- you won! I need your mailing address!

    1. making corsage for my son's date tomorrow night and completely forgot to leave my address lol I'll get that e-mailed to you asap!