Friday, December 14, 2012

Alex's Crosses

My son Alex, my best repeat customer!

Every year he has me make several crosses for him to give as gifts. He designs them, draws up a sketch and has me create and fine tune the piece.

Not this year.

Oh, he designed and drew up sketches. But, he wanted to be the one making. So, he asked if I would teach him how to weave, and I did gladly!

So here's my proud Mama moment, My Son Made These!
I hammered out the frames for him and he did the weaving, and wrapping.

Brass with a bead filled base - I helped a little more with this one, he wanted to learn wire weaving not bead weaving lol

He wasn't content to just weave the cross for this one he also wrapped chain around the halo and wrapped beads to the chain, paying special attention to the sizes of the beads to create a pattern for a scalloped edge. I almost forgot to add, he even LOS'd it!!

This one is my personal fav. Again, I did the bead work for him - I love that detail!

This one started out a very simple cross with a couple beads in her favorite color. By the time he had finished with the others he started to feel a little badly that they were ornate and this one wasn't. Back to the design table, he dressed it up a little bit, adding swags of chain. The beads free sliding on the chain are mood beads. All week they were a pretty bluish green, I set the cross on the anvil while I snapped some quick pics and this is what I got lol Please don't hold the color change against him :)

Thanks for stopping by, taking a peek at our hand crafted Christmas goodness, and sharing in my proud Mama moment!
See you next time!


  1. These are absolutely inspiring! Great work on your joint venture :)

  2. SO beautiful! Merry Christmas, Dana, and to all of your lovely family as well xox

  3. Thank you Jean!

    Merry Christmas to you too and all your boys big and small!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Lori! You have a great start with Zack! Alex and I started the same way as you two, just minus the blog hop :)