Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Prepping For Fridays Post!

Quickie post today. I've been snapping pics of most the new pieces I've gotten made for this weekends reveal and impending launch of my new line! Most because my batteries died ..... thankfully I keep some rechargeables on hand just in case! They're charging as I type this and I thought I'd round up some pics for todays post in the mean time. Yes I know I'm late....

Gorgeous Copper Gifts, Wind Dancer Studios
Count Your Lucky Stars
Corky pulled together this gorgeous treasury for team LACWE today

Brass & Aquamarine Earrings by Wind Dancer Studios on Etsy
Week 10 - Year of Jewelry  Aquamarine

Silver and Crystal Pearl Earrings by Wind Dancer Studios
Week 11 - Year of Jewelry  Hinged

I've had my nose to the grindstone all day and it's time for some family time, NetFlix and Hawaii 5 0. Last week I found the original show on NetFlix and watched an episode with my son. I'm pretty sure he thinks the new Kono is much cuter lol   Don't forget! Next weeks post will be early === Friday!!

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We'll see you on Friday!