Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm Late, I'm Late .....well ok Not Yet!

Change it Up Hop Next Week and I'm blogging this instead of working on my piece!

cue hysterical laughter

I'm heading back into the studio so I can work on my wonderfully awesome creation!! at least I hope you'll think it is :) I just keep getting side tracked with all the other wonderful stuffs going on right now. Which will all make for wonderful blog posts as they come to fruition but until then.....

I just wanted to remind you that next weeks blog post will be on Friday the 25th instead of Tuesday.

I mentioned it on FB but haven't said anything here. The kiddo got her first kiln! She's busy making up a list of needy things so she get her first firing under way and we're flipping coins inside/ outside where do we want to let it cook. I think just outside her studio window where she can keep an eye on it and the hubs is thinking IN her studio where she can keep an eye on it. We shall see where it ends up, your guess is as good as mine! Her studio will be directly beneath mine, so I can stomp the floor and she can poke the ceiling as we create lol  I should poke a hole so we can have tin can phones!!

Back to work I go. I also have a ton of photos to take...... another blog post!

Thanks for stoppin by!
See ya next time!

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