Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ramblings on...

MagPie Approved: Ramblings on.....
We used to have this exact alarm clock on the night stand.
Works a charm to get you up especially when it's on the
other side of the bed!! lol 

It's clear it's an election year coming. The discussions out and about are getting deeper and have more substance than the idle chit chat that flows through FB most of the time.

It's a very good thing when they stay civil. It's really interesting to see the way other peoples minds work and what really clicks for them.

The only problem is I'm an introvert so while I love the discussion they can be a bit draining emotionally for me. They steal my day away and my energy.

I thought I might deal with this by starting my day with some outdoor time, do a little weeding and some watering out in the garden. Then take a couple laps around the house, sounds like a great plan right? It is! Until you realize how out of shape you are!! It was only about a half mile but the humidity popped up and I was so ready to head back inside lol

Since I had sold several pairs of earrings the plan was to shower and head into the studio to replenish stock but then I checked FB and I got caught up in a couple discussions. The time got away from me again. I need to set a timer or a limit or something, I really do.

And of course B'Sue's blog hop is coming up in just another couple weeks. Thankfully I finally have an idea for what I want to do, I was really beginning to wonder. I just have not had the urge to create for the hop at all and it's been kind of unnerving. I have ideas I want to play with, they just aren't for the hop. sigh This never happens, normally I'm all over it! Make make make, I like a challenge! I think I'm going to be ok now that I have an idea to play with though!

I just need to actually get off the computer and Get In To The Studio...........

The kiddo has been feeling the same way too. Good news though, we finally found a kiln for her!
She's excited and I'm excited for her! I'm so looking forward to seeing her really take off now! She's been getting so antsy since school started up again. She really needs some hands in the mud time. I'm so glad she's finally going to get it!

Thanks for stopping by!
We'll see you next time!


  1. You can always ask me to challenge you, I love to do it and you always always rise to the challenge and surpass it. I can't wait for the reveal, have fun with it~! xXx

    1. awww see this is why you're one of my best buddies! oxox