Monday, May 5, 2014

While we wait....

As you may have noticed, no soup this weekend. We've had a slight postponement, the reveal will be this coming weekend May the 10th instead.

I thought then I might share a couple UFO's I managed to get finished this week - told you my muse wasn't ready to stop! lol

cluster earrings made of Smokey Quartz and Peridot gemstones w/14kt gold filled accents

Technically these earrings weren't a UFO as I had the gemmies (Smokey Quartz and Peridot) pulled to make them and the design decided on but I had not actually started on them. They've been on my desk since the Artisan Whimsy call for pieces using these colors for the next issue of Bead Chat. ummmm I didn't quite make that deadline, oops.

Glass beads and Pearls in warm rich coppery tones with copper accents and copper heart pendant.

This sweetheart however, was definitely a UFO. It has been sitting on my desk since welllll before Christmas. I love this necklace, but it just kept getting interrupted by life's little happenings. I also kept running out of jump rings. I tell you, I've sawn rings for it three times, once even drawing blood! But I still ran out!  Hand knotted glass pearls on cotton cord, it's extremely soft and supple. The jump rings at the clasp are soldered closed. Normally I would use unsoldered rings to make a safety break, but if enough force is used to require a break, the cording should give and the knotting should keep the majority of the beads from scattering across the floor. Hopefully we never find out!!

While, as usual, I did all the metal work the design is a variation on Leslie's seed bead bracelet found HERE, she kindly shared it a Bead Soup or two ago. It makes up VERY comfy and I have used a variation of it for several necklaces now.

Thanks for stoppin' by!
We'll see you next time!


  1. Good for you Dana for finishing up these beautiful ufo's. The necklace is wonderful.

    1. Thank you Becky! Now I just need to get around to finishing the rest of my UFO's lol