Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A WISH for you! A WISH for me!

Wind Swept Fairy w/Dandelion
Found on Pinterest

I was surfing around on Facebook the other day and found this absolutely gorgeous "wind dancer" She spins in the wind, just an awesome find and I was immediately enamored. I love everything about her (except her toes, they're too long but that's just my sense of aesthetics) anyway toes aside she's perfect. So I poke around the page and marvel at all the sculpture, it makes me want to touch. To stand and stare and caress the lines. Yes folks, in my little art world that is LOVE. The need to touch and feel, to see and smell. To bask in it's glory.

Fantasy Wire on FB
A single Dandelion Seed
Then I come across these. Oh my........ I can afford this. I want this. I need this. It's a what? A wish?

This is a WISH
Found here: Bits and Pieces

No no no. THIS IS A WISH! I have absolutely no idea what plant it comes from. But all my life I've known THIS to be a wish. It's about an inch to an inch and a half in diameter and no stem.  Just a little smaller than the photo suggests, but not much. You catch it blowing about on the breeze. Hold it very gently in your hands, so as not to crush it. Make your wish, and release it back onto the breeze. It's very magical when you're a child and I haven't seen one in years, not since my own children were small when I showed them how to catch one and release it.

Oh, You *can* make a wish on a Dandelion, my kids did it quite often! So did I. How many breaths it takes to blow the seeds away is how long it takes for it to come true, sort of like birthday candles. But in my world, it isn't a wish any more than a star is, it's what you make a wish on.

Nevertheless, I do love this dandelion seed. I may just have to buy one. Or at the very least make one for my desk. I have a small fairy sculpture in my garden and my daughter has an abstract sculpture started that she wants to place in my garden. I think a fairy shoe and another fairy or two are definitely in order, maybe even a dandelion seed. Then I can wish that someday I might own a sweet little "wind dancer" of my own.


  1. That is a really cool pic! I love fairies too!! I think the "wish" you are speaking of is the cottonwood seed. I live in Northern Indiana and they are everywhere in the Spring. They are as delicate as a wish and just as beautiful! I hope all of your wishes come true! Have a Blessed Day!!!

    1. Thank you Robin! I'll have to go take a look. I know we have cotton wood here so it definitely is a possibility.