Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy 4th!

My hopping has slowed to a crawl and if yours has too Bead Soup is HERE!

Working on a custom order for the last couple of days and seem to have gotten ahead of myself along the way. I pulled the studs out of the tumbler yesterday only to realize I had not left myself a place to attach the dangles. Hangs head, the dangles are kind of necessary, they're the part she really really wanted. The earrings will be done just as soon as I can figure out how to connect the two pieces, and I think I may have done just that........ we'll see just as soon as I finish writing this post! Sometimes you just have to put it out there, say it aloud or as the case may be, type it, for the solution to come to you.

Last week I participated in my first SKIRT Team scavenger hunt. I had seen friends scavenger hunt treasuries but had never figured out the game. Can I just say.......they're a blast! Not only did I have fun but I WON! I have had the great pleasure of being in the "hot" seat in several Patriotic treasuries this week and have found some really cool shops in the process. There are still a couple days left before I get to choose this weeks winner but thought I might share with you some wonderful finds from those treasuries and the curators who featured them. Since it's Independence Day this week I'm carrying on the Patriotic/Americana feel.

An Americana Thank You to the Scavenger Hunt Curators!
SKIRT Team Scavenger Hunt #9
Thanks for stoppin By!
If you're in the US have a safe and happy holiday weekend! Even if you're not, I wish you the same!
See you next time!

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