Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hand Crafted Holidays 2015 : Week 4 Mixing Bowls

The Hand Crafted Kitchen

As you know, my daughter is a ceramicist and she has made several bowls for me that I use in the kitchen on a regular basis. There is nothing quite like a hand thrown bowl to mix in, you just know anything made in a hand thrown bowl is made with love. 

A hand thrown mixing bowl is just heavy enough to bring back all sorts of memories of helping Grandma in the kitchen, whether taste testing, measuring ingredients, or as head stirrer of the bowl. That solid bowl is a keeper of some of our best memories.

So I have poked around Etsy and Amazon to bring you just a few of my favorites today.

MagPie Approved: HandMade Holiday; Mixing Bowls
Leslie Freeman Designs on Etsy
Magpie Approved- Handmade Kitchen - Mixing Bowls
Gentlemanly Pursuits on Etsy
Magpie Approved- Handmade Kitchen - Mixing Bowls
Jan Fairhurst Pottery on Etsy

MagPie Approved- Handmade Kitchen - Mixing Bowls
Paige Hickey Pottery on Amazon

I hope you make many new happy memories with them as well.

The holidays are about sharing and caring, and I’d like very much to get the word out that hand made is heart made as is the holiday season. 
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