Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Hand Crafted Kitchen: Week 3

Week 3: Wooden Mixing Spoons and helpful accessories

The official countdown has begun!  Christmas is in just four weeks.

This year I’m focusing the series in the kitchen, and today we’re talking spoons and wooden push pulls.

My oldest has moved out again and is refurnishing her kitchen. She found some spoons on Pinterest that she loved and hinted I should buy them for her. After doing a little hunting on Etsy I found some really beautiful spoons anyone would be happy to receive.

Gorgeous Burned Spoon from Portugal  ArtisIgnis on Etsy

California Walnut At Kitchen Carvings on Etsy

Hand Carved from Italy The Wooden Caravan on Etsy
Fun Spoons at Sue Made That on Etsy

While looking around I also found this amazing little gadget I didn’t even know I needed, but man do I want one! This little guy pushes and pulls the hot rack in the oven, no more burns! I’m all for that!

Walnut Push/Pull from Wooden It Be Nice on Etsy
I don't know where this thing has been hiding all my life but I really really want one! I also kinda want some of these spoons!

The holidays are about sharing and caring, and I’d like very much to get the word out that hand made is heart made as is the holiday season. 
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