Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hand Crafted Holidays 2015 : Week 6, Gifts in a Jar

Hand Crafted Holidays 2015 : The Hand Crafted Kitchen
Week 6 Cookies and Gifts in a Jar

Christmas is this week! What better time to roll out gifts a jar and cookies than the week you might need some quick last minute gifts!

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to simple cookie recipes and decorating - though mostly decorating. Like most of us I already have my favorite recipes tucked away in my kitchen and have just recently started gathering my favorites from around the web as a traveling recipe box for my kids.

Snowman Cookies, Simple Circles BIG on Cuteness Factor
Like these cute snowmen, you can make these in a flash using your own sugar cookie recipe (or  buy a tube of dough) Whip up some royal frosting and decorate to your hearts content!  If you prefer a different cookie you'll find the Snowmen come from a recipe for gingerbread on Bakerella.

Gifts in a jar have gotten really diverse in past years as more and more people have enjoyed this simple gift that is big on taste and heart.  From cookies, quick breads and soups to mulling spices and custom tea blends the ideas are limited only to your imagination.

Cookies in a Jar
Spiced Tea in a Jar Recipe

The cookie in a jar recipe and the spiced tea recipe can be found on my Hand Made Kitchen Board on Pinterest along with many others as well as some more great ideas I didn't share here or you can click above and go to them directly.

I do hope you've enjoyed this years series! I know I have enjoyed bringing it to you. Christmas is this weekend and I do hope you are surrounded with people you love and who contribute to your happiness and create feelings of being loved and cherished in return. No matter what religion you practice I believe that sense of love and well being is integral to what we are celebrating this time of year. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!

The holidays are about sharing and caring, and I’d like very much to get the word out that hand made is heart made as is the holiday season. 
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Week 6 Jars and Gifts in a Jar  Merry Christmas!

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